A Special Tribute to Lebanon by LibanPost

A Special Tribute to Lebanon by LibanPost

Cedar green tree

Each year, on November 22, Lebanon honors its Independence Day, and this time it was a momentous occasion that marked the 75th year since the end of the French Mandate over Lebanon. To commemorate this milestone, LibanPost put together a very special tribute to show gratitude for its HOMEland and for its supporters by merging art and philanthropy.

Men and women standing next to a painting

It all started with a painting…

The renowned international Lebanese artist and painter Nabil Nahas created a majestic painting of the symbolic cedar tree of Lebanon. The canvas was officially unveiled at the Grand Serail under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Saad Hariri. The same painting was also showcased the next day at the Sursock Museum, this time under the patronage of the Commander in Chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces, General Joseph Aoun. The masterpiece was to be sold during a fundraising auction taking place, whereby its entire sale proceeds would go towards supporting the families of martyrs from the Lebanese Armed Forces. That evening the bid ended at USD 205,000. The winner of the auction was Mr. Saadallah Khalil.

LibanPost’s Chairman and Managing Director Khalil Daoud gave a moving speech at the auction; he expressed praise and gratitude for the unwavering support of the Lebanese Armed Forces. He called it the “institution implanted in the heart of every Lebanese”, saluting its “unrelenting efforts in defending our independence for the past 75 years while sacrificing the lives of its young soldiers in order to preserve the security and stability of Lebanon.”

Cedar green tree stamp

Launch of the Independence Stamp

The same cedar painting by Nahas was reproduced on LibanPost’s new independence stamp. The 75th anniversary stamp was also introduced during the unveiling of the painting at the Grand Serail. For LibanPost, the anniversary stamp celebrates the true diversity of the Lebanese people and seeks to commemorate the efforts of all those who strived in raising Lebanon’s name, while reaffirming the national postal service’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility. At the event, Daoud concluded his speech to the crowd with a fitting rhetorical question: “Is there a more beautiful or precious tree than the Cedar of Lebanon to adorn the Lebanese stamp?” We certainly can’t think of anything else more fitting to represent our HOME!