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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Houda Houbeish

Guest Writer / Author

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Tribal Art: Collaging Authentic Pieces from Around the World

In a simple black dress, Yasmine Dabbous wears a colorful necklace. She has three silver rings on her fingers, all of which she handcrafted....

Soaring Startups: Lebanese Entrepreneurs Win Support, Recognition and Respect

Some say the Lebanese are natural entrepreneurs. Success stories are plentiful. Here’s a sample of some Lebanese-owned startups that have recently earned the spotlight. Modeo Modeo...

Samkeh: Lebanon’s Favorite Summer Treat

Eating fish in Lebanon is an experience like no other. While we share the same sea with our Mediterranean neighbors, our fish have their...

Tripoli’s Zambo Festival

Photos by: Houda Houbeish Young men move rapidly in every direction, their chests bare, their bodies tinted black and gold. African hair wigs, crowns, feathers...


'Lil Madina' is a group of people working for a better Saida, their objectives include protecting public areas, tackling environmental problems and developing new...

No Label: Fighting Back Against Bullying

No Label is an anti-bullying NGO, it raises awareness on this issue and provides soft skills to enhance self-confidence through interactive learning. Over just two...