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Joanna Azar Ph.D.

Guest Writer / Author

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Linking Lebanon and the Ivory Coast: Dr. Joseph Khoury’s Big Plans

Joseph Khoury, M.D., spent most of his life in Ivory Coast. All the while, his heart beats for Lebanon. Now he wants to build houses, roads...

Lydia Moawad: Contemporary Artist and Painter

Pursuing her passion around the world. Sailing from the coast of Byblos, where she has painted the sea from her balcony since childhood, both Lydia...


A research historian and a modernist in the methodical field. Dr Souad Slim was the first person to introduce the serial and quantitative history...

The Cyclist of Life Micky Chebli

He dared to dream big and to realize his dream. Micky Chebli decided for his 50th birthday to cycle for life. The Lebanese...

Finding the Science at the Bottom of a Bottle

Equipping a wine laboratory that aims to improve the quality of Lebanese wine and to help take the necessary precautionary measures. The four...

Youth and Cultural Center – Zouk Mikael

The Youth and Cultural Center at Zouk Mikael, near the municipality, provides citizens with a space to explore their cultural, literary and artistic sides. “Teamwork...