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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Yara Zgheib

Guest Writer / Author

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Meet Jay Hajj: A Lebanese-American Award-Winner Chef from Boston

Photos by: Ken Goodman Lebanese-American Jay Hajj revived Mike’s City Diner, a place where you can taste the best falafel’s in Boston and his award-winning...

Not Just a Selfie Backdrop! Exploring Beirut with Walking Tours

In 17th century Europe, young, affluent, educated men would pack their trunks of Oxford shoes and tweed jackets, and go on a grand tour...

Anfeh: A Day in White and Blue

Photos by: Claudia Matta The sea is glistening to my left. The sun is in my eyes. Still 10 a.m. but already too bright and...

Yasmina Sabbah: Living and Loving Music, A Young Maestra Makes Her Mark

Her mother was a music teacher; she grew up surrounded by it. Yasmina Sabbah’s childhood was one of piano, flute and singing lessons. She...

Dining in the Dark

Accepting an invitation to dine in the dark gives the writer new insight. Article by: Yara Zgheib Where is the salt? First question of many that catapults...