Banque Misr Lebanon S.A.L. (BML) Pays Tribute to Lebanese Individuals through “BML is Proud” Campaign

Banque Misr Lebanon S.A.L. (BML) Pays Tribute to Lebanese Individuals through “BML is Proud” Campaign

BML is Proud

Beirut, 11 December 2018: Banque Misr Liban Sal (BML) launched its people inspired initiative, BML is Proud, a digital campaign dedicated to shed light on inspiring Lebanese individuals through a sequence of digital videos uploaded on social media. Stemming from its belief that dreamers are an essential part to their society and possess a strength to empower those around them, BML extended its deep admiration to four individuals by highlighting their journey and acknowledging their achievements in overcoming their obstacles to becoming exceptional role models in the community.

Kicking off the video series, BML promoted aspiring Paralympic hand cyclist Hassan Dia, Lebanon’s first female mechanic Rana Hayek, conceptual artist Ayad Nasser, and library and book store owner Lana Halabi. The videos showcased their demonstrated commitment and incredible attitude to Aim. Act. Achieve in reaching their ultimate goals.

BML followed Hassan Dia on his journey of dedication, where he overcame his limitations to now preparing to compete in the upcoming Paralympics. Rana Hayek broke taboos to achieve her goals in becoming a working female mechanic. Ayad Nasser is a positive leading example to be the change that he would like to witness in the world. Also, Lana Halabi made her imaginations a reality when she transformed a small family grocery store into a book store.

Executive General Manager Board Member, Fadi Daouk expressed his enthusiasm and said: “At BML, we value the community we live in and aspire to empower our society at large. Through BML is Proud, we honor peoples’ capabilities that create a light of hope in Lebanon, these dreamers serve as a role model impact in their community and inspire others to make a difference. BML is always proud to stand by passionate individuals and recognize their aspirations and accomplishments towards pursuing their dreams.”

Moving forward, BML will introduce its second phase of BML is Proud, where it will enable the Lebanese public to nominate anyone they consider inspiring, impactful, and those who raise the definition of BML’s Aim. Act. Achieve. BML is Proud will continue to recognize and appreciate those who radiate passion and break barriers to reach their goal as this naturally further blends in with the bank’s philosophy in being the change and demonstrating extraordinary leadership.

About BML

Banque Misr Liban Sal (BML), founded in 1929, has witnessed many events and developments in Lebanon’s history and often played an important role in the country’s economy. Over the years, the bank has managed to maintain a longstanding position in the Lebanese banking sector as one of the oldest Lebanese banks, known for its continuous and unfaltering growth, development and sustainability. It also proved its ability to adapt in the face of all the challenges imposed by the internal situation in Lebanon, providing all the modern banking services and products to its customers. BML relies on sound and accurate banking practices at all levels, contributing to its continuity as a reliable banking institution and its expansion throughout Lebanese territory with over 20 branches, a representative office in Côte d’Ivoire and plans to open other rep-offices in Latin America. It has also demonstrated knowledge and expertise in sophisticated and innovative banking techniques. BML today offers a comprehensive range of retail banking products, services and corporate loans of all kinds not to mention its continuous development of private banking services.

BML is keen on contributing to the advancement of banking comprehensiveness, which in turn enables Lebanese citizen to benefit from banking services, especially subsidized loans, at reasonable costs. Banking comprehensiveness will play an important and progressive role in human development, improving living standards, reducing poverty and inequality, empowering women, promoting equal opportunities, financing small and medium enterprises, supporting entrepreneurs and helping them develop their innovative ideas to achieve comprehensive and sustainable economic growth in the long run. The Bank is also determined to consolidate relations with Lebanese expatriates who are considered key components of Lebanon’s human resources. BML operates in accordance with this strategy and accordingly began to diversify its loans and develop them to target all segments of society.

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