Essential Oils

 Discover the secret of essential oils and the countless benefits of different oils.

It’s inspiring to watch the world’s recent shift towards a healthier movement. In early 2016, Lebanon witnessed several positive movements such as preserving nature, recycling initiatives and an increase in the production of organic produce. Several markets and boutiques have opted to sell and distribute natural material as opposed to synthetic and synthesized substances.

I for one find great pleasure in indulging in the simple things and creating a habit out of them, one of which is taking a stroll in Downtown Beirut on a Saturday morning. A full organic market has unleashed its nutritious goodies on the public and this is where I discovered the divine secret of essential oils.

Essential oils is the ancient practice of distilling or extracting essence from plants or flowers. These extractions have countless benefits such as aromatherapy, being naturally medicinal and most importantly beauty care. I got rid of all unnatural mass-produced beauty products like moisturizers, scrubs and toners in favor of these pure healing oils and after a year of using them I would never go back. 

Coconut Oil: My personal favorite is coconut oil because it is all encompassing. It has anti-aging properties which deeply hydrates the skin and serves beautifully as a deep hair conditioner. Once a week before showering, I massage my hair and face with coconut oil then rinse it thoroughly. The coconut oil leaves a fresh healthy glow on my face and gives my hair an extra shine while mending split ends. It’s also perfect as a makeup remover too, I intentionally leave a little coconut oil on my face overnight to wake up to soft dewy skin.

Castor Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, castor oil does wonders for strengthening hair follicles. If you want long healthy hair, lushes eyelashes and thick eye brows, this oil should do the trick. Dab some castor oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes before going to bed and even across your eyelid. Castor deeply penetrates the skin and stimulates collagen production so you will wake up looking refreshed and relaxed.

Lavender Oil: A few drops of this scented oil can help you relax and feel centered. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out, rub some lavender oil between your palms and smell it. Splashing a few drops on your pillow will also allow for a deeper sleep. Other than aromatherapy, lavender oil may be used on the scalp to cure dandruff and can be used as an anti-aging mask by being mixed with coconut oil and massaged deeply on the face.

Lemon Oil: I mostly use lemon oil on facial scarring and acne. Its antibacterial properties dry up acne and cure them in a very organic way. If you suffer from previous acne scarring, this essential oil helps in removing them and whiten blemishes and redness. Lemon oil can also serve as an alternative for home cleaning detergents.

Instead of using abrasive chemicals, lemon oil is equal in disinfecting and sterilizing your home.

Jasmine Oil: I traded all my perfumes for the sweet scent of pure Jasmine oil. Place one drop on each inner wrist then rub together and one drop behind the ear. An aura of relaxation and positivity will surround you all day. Jasmine oil can be used on dry skin but it might cause irritation.

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