Beyond Feminist and Into Feminine

Beyond Feminist and Into Feminine

Women hazel eyes with hands infront

We are so lucky to be living a reality our ancestors could only dream of. Despite the struggles facing humanity to this day, we have succeeded in overcoming many challenges.

In fighting for equality between the sexes, we have come a long way. But to march safely through the other half of the journey, I believe a change of strategy is imperative. In an effort to prove that we are equal to men, women are leaning toward embracing the illusion that we are identical to men.

Thus, we push to beat them at their own game: being masculine. And this is where our sails shift to an extreme. It is one thing to fight for the same rights,yet, it is a totally different concept to believe that we can be as manly as men, which I believe is very damaging to both genders. It is unhealthy to deny men their masculinity by assuming it is a limited set of traits we can mimic.

Our true power is in the realization that our differences exist and that they exist for a purpose. Dear woman, you are not the same as a man: you have a different biology, a different energy; even your way of thinking, feeling and relating to this world is different. It is when we embrace our differences as catalysts for bringing more balance into this world that we will have safely crossed the tricky waters of this war for equality. Women are so consumed with the idea of being able to be men that we are exhausting our own energies.

We are fatigued from operating under the energy of our masculine mind.

You see, masculine energy is action-and results-driven but it is incapable of nurture. While the female body is designed to not only give but also receive, we feel depleted by constantly operating with our masculine vigor. And in practice what we are really telling the world is that it can only be done the masculine way.

We are giving away our own power as women by believing it doesn’t exist. The truth is that we can do whatever we want the feminine way and still be as successful as men.

I know you can do everything a man does, but you don’t have to do it his way to prove that you are capable. As a woman, you are given a set of superpowers yourself, which when invested properly will give you the results you are aiming for.

It is time we go beyond being a feminist into being feminine; no, not the culturally accepted idea of the feminine, which is somewhat distorted. Our society has a strong belief about what feminine stands for: soft, compliant, graceful, weak, passive, seductive, and inferior to the masculine, unable to create change because a woman is too emotional.

Whereas the real feminine woman stands strong in her truth, in all that she is. Just like nature, she can be nurturing and destructive, peaceful and chaotic. Although she has her own ways in bringing about change, she nevertheless believes in her ability to create that change, for the greatest good of the whole world.

When women show that their way works too, and that it is not about emasculating men, both genders will come to see eye-to-eye. Both want to create a better future even if their ways are different. The feminine uses her intuition as effectively as he uses his structural thinking. She can inspire by leading from her heart, just as he motivates others to push through their limits. Her softness can heal where his strength has injured and her compassion can empower where his tight hold on power has created restrictions.

The true essence of femininity is that it realizes its power, embodies it and flaunts it unapologetically to the world, all while inspiring the masculine to become the true version of himself. She celebrates him as an equally powerful partner for bringing more peace, ease and healing into existence.