Blending Art with Fashion

Art and fashion at its most refined, Richard Noura’s fashion items are now coveted around the world. HOME talks to him about his inspirations

Talent has all the powers. It can go beyond borderlines and get to the utmost peak of fame. When creativity is wrapped in innovation, the results reach the farthest lands, beyond one’s expectations. Despite the competiveness of the fashion world, Richard Noura Paris made it to the hall of fame.

Clutches, small leather items, jewels bags, and accessories are all the extension of his creative, yet classy mind. An assortment of luxury and style has reached the most renowned personalities all over the world. From Lebanon to the very heart of Paris, Richard Noura’s creations even outshine international borderlines and fly to the soul of stars. Kate Moss, Beyoncé and many other prominent figures have had a crush on Richard Noura’s sophisticated and well-designed pieces – way to go.

In a way or another, Beirut is most of the time the deepest inspiration of Lebanese artists who tour the world. Richard Noura’s childhood period in Lebanon has definitely nurtured his soul with a taste of thyme and roses. The inspiration behind his creations opened up the way to launching his handbags and accessories line in 2010, after he sculpted his savoir-faire and techniques mastering at Swarovski and Balmain. Colorful statements are Richard Noura’s expertise whereas his personal style distinguishes his luxurious creations all based on a particular composition of ageless aesthetic.

How did you begin your artistic and business journey?

Launched in 2010, my nascent line of handbags and accessories built on my past work experience at Swarovski and Balmain, and offered a variety of show-stopping evening bags, minaudières and accessories made in France, Spain and Italy.

What inspires you?

I have creativity in the genes. I recall a childhood in Beirut that was influenced by my aunt’s notable couture house and my father’s skills as a painter and calligrapher. My parents used to say I was born with a pencil in my hand.

Drawing on my love of ancient art and the natural world, my collection is inspired by Italian gardens of the 16th century.

Who inspires you?

I work with Swarovski crystals and luxurious, exotic skins like crocodile and lizard, and am never one to shy away from making a statement.

Which makes it fitting that my design hero is one of the most revolutionary designers in the world. Someone who deeply marked my childhood was Victoire de Castellane, the current artistic director of fine jewelry at Dior. I’m amazed by her personal style and her sense of exaggeration and color.

What are your favorite colors, materials and textures, and shapes, and how would you define beauty?

The sensual yet timeless shapes of my designs, as well as my use of popular medieval colors and textiles, suggest artifacts taken right out of Boccaccio’s The Decameron. The Charles, the first bag I designed for the collection and also my favorite, comes in a multitude of dark colors like burgundy, dark green and black. Each features his emblematic flower in the center and each reflects my singular luxe-with-a-twist aesthetic.



On the occasion of his first book launching “Mitford at the Fashion Zoo”, Donald Robertson asked designer Richard Noura to draw a giraffe on coated fun and colorful canvas for a collection of bags and clutches embellished with the iconic motif La Maison Richard Noura, the detail of a plant embroidery in varnish leather.

But the Parisian designer, embodying the French elegance, goes further and displays Mitford on Limoge porcelain storage tray, mugs and cups of tea. So very French.

After an exclusive launch at Colette in Paris in the presence of the illustrator fashion star who had invited the chic Parisians to climb to Mitford neck through one portrait in time, the collection is now present at Etoile Boutique Dubai, Story in New York, Forty Five Ten in Dallas, and Beirut. Mitford has now two dads that guide the fashion world without losing their heads in the stars!