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NGOs of Lebanon society.

Idraac’s Labor of Love for Mental Health

  A devoted NGO works behind the scenes to build Lebanon’s mental health infrastructure – with legislation, awareness campaigns, advocacy, education, training, care services and, supporting it all, research. One in four Lebanese will have a...

Bou Samih’s Memory: Back to the ’20s

  Grandparents are always nostalgic about the old days; they share past stories with pride; they talk about friendship, unity, generosity, and prowess. I was always intrigued by this passion; what is it that makes...

Retired and Senior Volunteering in Lebanon

  While people of all ages can volunteer, a very special and often neglected category of volunteers is “retired and senior volunteers.”' Article by: Dr Patricia Nabti “Retired” has a clear meaning, but it is a sensitive...

Let’s Meet – Linaltaki

  One summer afternoon in 2001, 11 years after the end of the Civil War, two women met over a cup of tea in a Lebanon still under Syrian occupation and divided along sectarian lines. Article...

TA3A SOB EL FAN: A Fight Against Extremism

  A university project unlocks students’ passion for giving voice to vulnerable youths in Lebanon. It is not until our interview is winding up that Lea Ibrahim says: “I think we have to talk about our...