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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Landscape with houses at night

The Ma’luf Family

Petro Malouf Photgraphy While the primary building block of Western society can be said to be the individual, for Lebanon it is the family. And by family, I don’t just mean the husband, wife and...
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No Garlic No Onions: Savoring Lebanon One Bite at a Time

Anthony Rahayel is a fulltime dentist, husband, father of three and the man behind famous food blog No Garlic No Onions. HOME For Summer sat down to share a meal with the legendary blogger...

My Father and My Cedar

Chaville, France I could not relate the story of my Cedrus Libani without bringing up the story of my father. They are bound together, their journeys aligned. Both were born in the Lebanon and both...
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What Do Foreigners Think About Us

French love, either way Folks, you might be surprised to discover there are many foreigners living in Lebanon. All kinds of people, from all continents, and from countries we would never thought they could have...


When I was 7, we lost our HOME. I never felt safe again. Today, I discovered that I will probably never see again my house in Yemen. We had only recently moved in, and transformed the...