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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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From Mexico and Texas Back to Lebanon: The Paduas, Originally Badawis, Share a Once-In-A-Lifetime...

When 31 members of a diaspora family return to Lebanon, the experience is magical. Lebanon prides itself on having many times more people of Lebanese heritage settled abroad than there are in the country itself. But...
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Naima Shalhoub Live from Beirut

Photo by: Sarah Deragon Lebanese-American musician collaborates to bring a message of hope. “Why am I here? Let me think out loud for a minute,” said Naima Shalhoub, Lebanese-American singer, in an interview with HOME Magazine...
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My Father’s Story: The Life of California State Assemblyman, Katcho Achadjian

It was a familiar day in San Luis Obispo, California. The clouds had yet again extended their vacation, allowing soft sunshine to blanket the Bishop Peak mountainside. Its warmth reached down and around into...
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Are We the World’s Most Successful Diaspora? Maybe!

The Lebanese diaspora shows up on many observers’ short lists of the most successful diaspora in the world. Why? I was driving HOME from work, listening to public radio, when Stephen Dubner, host of “Freakonomics,” a weekly podcast,...
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The Brand Master Alexis Nasard

Alexis Nasard is chief executive officer of the world’s largest footwear and accessory brand based on volume of sales — with 30,000 employees worldwide, 23 manufacturing facilities, 5,300 retail stories and operating in more than 70 countries. While...