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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Malouf and Therese Abraham Create an Art Legacy in the Texas Panhandle

Therese and Malouf Abraham with inlaid wooden table from Lebanon and Norman Rockwell’s painting First Day of School Lebanese-American and his wife donate their unique HOME and art collection to share their love of art with...
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Rose Marie Saab: A Front-Runner in the Colombian Oil and Gas Sector

Rose Marie Saab, president of Independence Drilling, a successful oil services company based in Bogota, with annual revenues more than $100 million, is one of the most recognized businesswomen in Colombia. Her presence in...

Nayib Neme: Steering a Colombian Company to a Worldwide Success

Nayib Neme Arango, president of Chaid Neme Hermanos, S.A., heads one of the most powerful industrial groups in Colombia. His story started in Lebanon. Nayib Neme Arango’s tale begins in the 1930s, when his father, Hares Neme, and...

CEDRE: Energy Sector and Future Prospects of Lebanon

Lebanon has always been subjected to political, security, financial and economic adversities. Ever since its independence in the early ‘40s of the past century, the country has faced periodic internal as well as regional...

Bitcoin is the New Gold Standard

A quick introduction into Bitcoin, blockchain and the future of money. So, I first heard of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2011 during a casual conversation with a guy living in the United States at the time....