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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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A Little Bit of Magic! Magic for Smiles: Jamie Jibberish

Jamie Balfour-Paul is a magician! Not just an ordinary one: he is the only humanitarian magician based and working in Lebanon. Born in Beirut, the son of a British diplomat, Jamie attended boarding school in...
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Beyond Feminist and Into Feminine

We are so lucky to be living a reality our ancestors could only dream of. Despite the struggles facing humanity to this day, we have succeeded in overcoming many challenges. In fighting for equality between...
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An Interview with Emerging Lebanese Designer, Rouba El Murr

When she was 7, Rouba el Murr did not play dress up with her mother’s clothes; she painted on them and cut out the fabric to design her own. The 7-year-old devoured fashion magazines and studied runway shows....
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The Last Mile

Sitting with Roger, better known as Rodge, I was listening to him describing how he used to play music under the bombs of Lebanon’s War (p.38). I was reminded of my own experience playing...