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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
what did we learn from coronavirus pandemic posts

Love in the time of Corona

As modern life came to a stand still, post modern life seems to have harkened us back to simpler times. As lungs of humanity went under severe attack, the lungs of earth have found themselves...
hand in hand together

Liban TROC Acts of kindness: Lebanon’s “new currency”

Everyday wonderful acts of kindness are being displayed on Liban Troc, a site launched in December 2019. It is a testament to the astounding compassion and generosity of the Lebanese people, explains Liban Troc...
a statue of a women holding the balance of justice

How the Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights Can Deliver an Independent Judiciary

Many in Lebanon have started demanding an independent judiciary. And yet few describe what this really means. After all, in its very definition, the judiciary is there to simply interpret what the law is...
a view picture with the words Ludwig van Beethoven written and a small sentence

Five Things in Common Between Beethoven and Lebanon

While enjoying the 27th edition of the Al Bustan International Festival (Feb. 18-March 22, 2020), which features a series of concerts and performances celebrating the music and life of composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, we...
lebanese money 20000 50000 and 100000 with the Canadian Flag

Could a Citizen Bill of Rights help Lebanon overcome its turmoil?

The Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights provides the citizens with ALL the rights that they have been demanding. As such, it is arguably among the few instruments available to the Lebanese state, which could...