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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Man cooking

Cooking with a Culinary Master Chef Maroun Chedid

Photos by Maroun Chedid Media Department Celebrity chef Maroun Chedid shares his culinary skills with enthusiastic diners and students in his restaurant and academy. When we opened the door to his kitchen, chef Maroun Chedid was about...
Glass of whiskey in hand

Every Whisky Has a Story to Tell

Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson has a deep passion for whisky. He has a story about each creation, taking whisky lovers back in time with every sip. What makes you so interested in whisky? My father introduced me to...

The Story of Kharrūb (Carob)

Long before carob became a popular health food in many countries of the world, the Lebanese have enjoyed dipping bread into "dibis bi tahini," a mixture of "dibis kharrub" (carob molasses) and "tahini" (sesame seed paste), as a snack...

Entrepreneur Yasmina Wakim Brings Saffron Back to Lebanon

Serial entrepreneur Yasmina Wakim, with a heart for socially responsible projects, brings saffron production back to Lebanon. Asked where she’s from, Yasmina Wakim replied, “Born in Lebanon and raised on the moon!” And after a...
Boy with pen

Saving Lebanon, One Child At A Time

Save the Children Lebanon faces the unique challenge of serving 1.4 million children in the country in need of basic services — from food and water to protection and education. From the outside, it looks like a typical villa in one...