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Arts & Culture of Lebanon.

Male DJ with spinning machine and crowd

Rodge – Liberated by the Music: The Story of Lebanon’s Biggest DJ Ever

Now at the peak of his career, multifaceted music producer Rodge has recently added a string of hits to his long list of achievements. Anyone who has had the privilege of experiencing a night out...
Woman with thighs

Nada Abou Farhat: Actress of Defiance and Artistry

"Asrar al Sett Badiaa" Nada Abou Farhat, one of Lebanon’s most appreciated and beloved actresses, embraces challenges. The star of film and stage is taking on a big one in her new project, playing a transgender character...

Pierre Rabbat: Light-Hearted Humor Shakes the Status Quo

Photo by: Chady Feghaly Quick-witted and handsome with a winning smile, Pierre Rabbat might have the key qualities that make a charming TV host, but there is so much more than meets the eye. Shaking the...

Lydia Moawad: Contemporary Artist and Painter

Pursuing her passion around the world. Sailing from the coast of Byblos, where she has painted the sea from her balcony since childhood, both Lydia Moawad and her paintings have crossed oceans and anchored themselves...

Appreciating the Art of Caricature Drawing with Hamed Kabbara

Illustrations by: Hamed Kabbara An architect by training, Hamed Kabbara discovers another joy as a caricaturist. His maternal uncle Ahmad El Dahab was a calligraphist and his paternal uncle Burhan Kabbara is also a calligraphist, known...