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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture of Lebanon.

Alissar Caracalla: Life Is Theater, Theater Is Life

  For Alissar Caracalla, artistry is in her genes. Following in her father’s footsteps, she has become a powerhouse of creativity and an unstoppable force in the Caracalla dance community....

MIM Museum

Salim Edde founded the MiM in 2013 to house his private collection of minerals and precious stones. Prepare to be bedazzled. The limestone that makes up the majestic mountains in Lebanon, the marble stones...

Jounieh Festival 2015

Jounieh’s festival is full of fun family activities that will keep you and your kids up late – playing, eating, dancing, riding bikes and just enjoying the warm summer Lebanese nights. Expect an...

Rhymes Vibrant Love

As the universe aspired to unite us in one day It also conspired to separate us in every way How sweet was the taste of your lips on mine How delicate was your face so fine It was...

The Labyrinth Keeper

Verdant walls, creeping and intertwining between the sharp spikes of the rose bushes that rise side by side in a martial system that only the quintessential purest of organisms could comprehend. Roses lug droplets...