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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture of Lebanon.

Lydia Moawad: Contemporary Artist and Painter

Pursuing her passion around the world. Sailing from the coast of Byblos, where she has painted the sea from her balcony since childhood, both Lydia Moawad and her paintings have crossed oceans and anchored themselves...

Appreciating the Art of Caricature Drawing with Hamed Kabbara

Illustrations by: Hamed Kabbara An architect by training, Hamed Kabbara discovers another joy as a caricaturist. His maternal uncle Ahmad El Dahab was a calligraphist and his paternal uncle Burhan Kabbara is also a calligraphist, known...

Halabi Bookshop: From Neighborhood Grocery Store to Book Lover’s Paradise

Photos by: Maryam Ghaddar Walking through the red painted doorway of Halabi Bookshop, located near Horsh Beirut, we’re projected back in time. The owner, Abdallah Halabi, offers complementary tea and candy from an intricately carved...

Yasmina Sabbah: Living and Loving Music, A Young Maestra Makes Her Mark

Her mother was a music teacher; she grew up surrounded by it. Yasmina Sabbah’s childhood was one of piano, flute and singing lessons. She joined a choir for the first time when she was...

The Mic Is Yours to Grab at Sidewalk Beirut

Poet Lisa Luxx, Photo by: Robert Norbury When performers step on the Sidewalk stage, they find a supportive and warm audience. As Beirut’s only weekly open mic, it has created a comfortable atmosphere for self-expression. “It's...