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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture of Lebanon.

Université Antonine’s Chamber Music Season Bringing Classical Music to the People

The Chamber Music Season is the latest in Université Antonine’s long tradition of bringing the best of Western classical music to Lebanon. Photos by: My Story Photography UA earns Swiss Accreditation The Swiss Agency of Accreditation and...

Zena El Khalil’s Unique Artistic Process of Reconciliation

It’s time to start talking about our pain publicly. If we don’t talk, we can’t start the healing,” artist Zena el Khalil told the people gathered to see an exhibition of her work. Photo by:...

Through Mahmoud Hojeij’s Artistic Lens

Lebanese director, producer, writer and artist Mahmoud Hojeij has a lot to say and knows how to use a variety of media to say it. The award-winning filmmaker is making his mark. “The blindness. We’re...

From Los Angeles, Joanna Nachef 1st Maestra of the Middle East

When conductor Joanna Medawar Nachef, Ph.D., takes the podium, her dress sparkles. As the first female orchestra conductor from the Middle East, she is known for her sense of style, among other things. “I wear...

Lebanese-American Author and Painter Rabih Alameddine’s Award-Winning Novel: “An Unnecessary Woman”

Lebanese-American author and painter Rabih Alameddine inspires a necessity for isolation, a quiet nook by the window overlooking damp winter afternoons in Beirut with the solitary comfort of a gas-lit radiator at your feet...