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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


A writer is someone who pays attention to the world.

The Mic Is Yours to Grab at Sidewalk Beirut

Poet Lisa Luxx, Photo by: Robert Norbury When performers step on the Sidewalk stage, they find a supportive and warm audience. As Beirut’s only weekly open mic, it has created a comfortable atmosphere for self-expression. “It's...

Moments of Being in Beirut by Renowned Chicago Essayist Michele Morano

The municipal electric supply cuts off for a few hours each day, but the first time I notice, it’s evening in a tiny pub downtown. One moment everyone’s talking above the music, crowded around...

Lebanese-American Author and Painter Rabih Alameddine’s Award-Winning Novel: “An Unnecessary Woman”

Lebanese-American author and painter Rabih Alameddine inspires a necessity for isolation, a quiet nook by the window overlooking damp winter afternoons in Beirut with the solitary comfort of a gas-lit radiator at your feet...