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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Business Vocation & Entrepreneurship

Catch the Lebanese entrepreneurial spirit. Learn from the savvy business minds in leading positions worldwide.

Ivonne Baki: Arts For Politics, Politics For Peace

Beautiful-looking people exist all over the world, but those with beauty on the inside and out are rare to find. Leila Ivonne Juez de Baki happens to be one of those rarities. Artist. Diplomat. Peacemaker. These...

Interview: Good Morning Influence!

  Mornings can be tough, even for the most seasoned of businessmen and people of influence. We interviewed Al Riyadi Club President Hisham Jaroudi and Mr. Georges Chehwane, chairman of...

Young Executive: David Munir Nabti

Leaving Silicon Valley “Comfort” wasn’t on the list There are 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, and only a certain number of years in a lifetime. That’s the biggest limiting factor we all...

Young Executive: Marc atiyeh, Harvard Class of 2014

Getting into Top Universities Just Got Easier So, you want to study at Harvard, MIT, or Stanford? What is your next step? One option is to contact Marc Atiyeh, a young Lebanese man and fresh Harvard...

Get-Up and Go! Fulfilled People full of Energy

Living well in today’s world practically means having super powers. Supermoms, inspiring dads and great achievers: these people have gone an extra-mile to make great things come true. We interviewed Gisele Khoury, a famous journalist in...