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Friday, August 23, 2019

Business Vocation & Entrepreneurship

Catch the Lebanese entrepreneurial spirit. Learn from the savvy business minds in leading positions worldwide.

Clean Energy: Harvesting the Lebanese Sun, Water and Air

If you ask Lebanese citizens about their sweetest dreams and their most dreadful nightmares, the answer for many would be about electricity. Many factors have led to this situation in which we have a drastic...


From Corporate social responsibility to socially responsible businesses

When Women Win: How Rana Nawas Turned Her Passion Into Reality

Rana Nawas — president of the Dubai chapter of Ellevate Network, a global businesswomen’s network, a corporate veteran, a Feng Shui consultant and a lover of butterflies — has followed her passion to connect...

A Formula (For) One’s Success

Ralph, a Lebanese-Canadian Formula 1 engineer, has traveled around the world pursuing his passion. Having previously worked for Rolls-Royce and NASA, Ralph has been working as a Vehicle Performance Engineer for Renault F1 Team...

Women and Peace

Peace isn’t simply the absence of war or violence. Peace can be possible when poverty gives way to prosperity, when there is education and equality for all. Peace is about inclusion, dialogue, teamwork, tolerance,...