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Who Runs the Show: A Tale of the Heart

Feminine energy is characterized by creativity, unconditional love, the ability to nurture, intimacy, vulnerability and intuition among other traits. However, I believe that intuition is one of the superpowers of the feminine. Every woman has...

Nature: The Essence of Happiness

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” – John Muir For me, happiness lies in feeling connected to nature. Nature has the power to alter any mood. Yoga and...

Yoga Retreats: The Vacation that Doesn’t Require a Recovery Vacation

Most of us eagerly anticipate our time off in order to truly unwind and relax. We often think that by going on a vacation we will break away from our routine and reduce the...

Tony Ward: Couture Fall Winter 2018/19 Narrative Windows

A fascinating art form inspired Tony Ward when designing his couture Fall Winter 2018/19 collection: stained glass. In the same way tiny colored pieces of glass form a pattern or a picture full of...