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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Giving Back & Inspiration

Go out into the world, but give back to the motherland. Be generous and kind. The world needs you. Lebanon needs you.

For the Art: A Two-Way Bridge Between Switzerland and Lebanon

For the Art builds a bridge through the arts between Lebanon and Switzerland and, in the process, supports art therapy. From projecting a short movie on a human body to having Pierre Geagea, an artist...

Tripoli’s Little Artists: Kun Ensen’s Peacebuilding Project

Sadika Kebbi founded the nonprofit Kun Ensen (Being Human), teaching youth to express themselves through art and public speaking, but the bigger agenda is peacebuilding. Driving up to Tripoli, I’m thinking about the unique Sadika...

Ayad Nasser Paints the Town! From Ouzai to Ouzville

Photos by: Ruth Moucharafieh Flying into Beirut recently, I was surprised to discover Ouzai had turned into a hip display of colors. Just south of Beirut, Ouzai is the first glimpse Lebanon visitors see as...

Toward an inclusive society – Volunteering opportunities for people with disabilities

A young girl sits in a booth at a Volunteer Opportunities Fair teaching other children how to make artificial flowers. A woman provides skilled support to a professional association. An orchestra and chorus perform at a...


'Lil Madina' is a group of people working for a better Saida, their objectives include protecting public areas, tackling environmental problems and developing new visions for their city. The southern Lebanese coastal city of Saida,...