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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Giving Back & Inspiration

Go out into the world, but give back to the motherland. Be generous and kind. The world needs you. Lebanon needs you.

Volunteer Over The Holidays

One of the great activities to engage in over the holidays is volunteering, whether you are a person of Lebanese heritage, a tourist visiting Lebanon, or you are a resident of the country. In this...

Achrafieh 2020

It all started on Sept. 2, 2012. Achrafieh’s streets turned into a carfree zone where pedestrians could roam, ride bicycles and walk their dogs, and children could run freely. The event was an...

Forever Lebanon: Making Lebanon Forever Better

  Forever Lebanon, a grassroots civil society organization, sees Lebanon as a country whose pinnacle achievements, identity and ultimate endurance are found through its richness of culture, art and natural beauty. The petite canvas of Lebanon...

Saving Tyre

Two years ago, a unique event – a lottery that was the first of its kind– caught the attention of much of the world. Newspapers across the globe announced the raffle of a...

One Voice, One Message, ONE LEBANON

One Lebanon is an apolitical cultural movement gathering people who believe in the importance of unity. One Lebanon’s mission is to positively influence the collective attitude of today’s Lebanese by creating, through cultural activities, an...