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Homeland & Heritage

Cherish what we have inherited. Celebrate it. And protect it for our children and their children.

Der Mi,mas writing from green landscape background

Der Mimas: The Lighthouse of the South

How the reconstruction of a monastery rebirthed a village. Perched on a hill and surrounded by an endless forest of majestic olive trees, some dating back 2000 years, Der Mimas is a captivating village steeped...
Green landscape with ruins

Eshmun: The Phoenician God of Healing

When heading from Beirut to Sidon, one can’t help but notice the luxurious vegetation that surrounds the Awali River. The site of Eshmun lies within this lush valley of citrus groves, thus spreading its aromatic fragrances...
Vegetable jars

A Tale of Two Worlds: Kfarmishki

Like the rest of Lebanon, Kfarmishki is a tale of two worlds. One sits firmly on top of a little hill on the southern edge of West Bekaa, also known as Wadi el Taym,...
Hiker with sunset landscape and Lebanon's map with Baskinta's title

Baskinta on the Writers’ Trail

“I am the son of the road, my country is a caravan and my life is the most unexpected of voyages. I belong to Earth and to God and it is to them that I will one day...
Landscape with houses at night

The Ma’luf Family

Petro Malouf Photgraphy While the primary building block of Western society can be said to be the individual, for Lebanon it is the family. And by family, I don’t just mean the husband, wife and...