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Homeland & Heritage

Cherish what we have inherited. Celebrate it. And protect it for our children and their children.

Levant Hospital: Dr. Antoine Maalouf

Antoine Maalouf CEO and founder of the Clinique du Levant, one of the best medical centers in the MENA region. Dr. Maalouf studied at the Brothers of the Christian Schools of Beirut and...

Beach Days in Lebanon

Before I lived in Lebanon, our family called going to the beach a “vacation.” It usually involved time off from work, a flight (or a long road trip) and packing.Now with some of...


Article by: Michele Malek My French course inadvertently gave birth to a theatrical adventure. An excerpt from a text, a few verses, an image, an exercise in style or even a few words from the students......

Time To Change

    ON THE PERILS OF INDIFFERENCE I was behind a curtain, hardly resisting. I stood idle as she unbuttoned my sweater. Powerless, I watched her every move, her hungry hands...

Home Away From Home

I usually spend Christmas in cold Wisconsin, USA, where we sit by the blazing fire more for warmth than for its ambience. This year we’ll celebrate in Lebanon. Creating Christmas in Lebanon is not about...