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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bringing Lights to Lebanese Towns

Zahleh, Joseph Tohmé Skaff Foundation Zahleh, Joseph Tohmé Skaff Foundation Zahleh Decoration is much more than ornaments and knick knacks. Especially in Lebanon, Christmas decoration of towns and villages is a message of hope, of beauty, of the possibility...

Storing Cosmetics 2nd Century B.C. Style: Bronze-Age Makeup Box is a National Museum Treasure

Illustration created exclusively for HOME by Aya Karout. Could you help me, please? I’m looking for my cosmetic box, and I can’t seem to find it. My pyxis (ancient Greek for a container or vessel)...

Tripoli’s Zambo Festival

Photos by: Houda Houbeish Young men move rapidly in every direction, their chests bare, their bodies tinted black and gold. African hair wigs, crowns, feathers or hats adorn their heads. An occasional guerilla or monster...