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Interior & Gastronomy

The Lebanese touch turns design and cuisine to gold. Designs influenced by our beautiful HOMEland. Food grown from its essence.

Meet Jay Hajj: A Lebanese-American Award-Winner Chef from Boston

Photos by: Ken Goodman Lebanese-American Jay Hajj revived Mike’s City Diner, a place where you can taste the best falafel’s in Boston and his award-winning Pilgrim Sandwich, voted one of the Best Five Thanksgiving Meals...

Samkeh: Lebanon’s Favorite Summer Treat

Eating fish in Lebanon is an experience like no other. While we share the same sea with our Mediterranean neighbors, our fish have their own special flavor. That’s because we have our own Lebanese...

Saida Al-Adeem: It Leaves You Spellbound

Traces of Lebanon’s history are widespread in the port city of Saida, with its medieval structures like St. Nicolas Cathedral, the Crusader Sea Castle, the Khan al-Franj courtyard and terrace, the old soap factory,...

The Corniche: Beirut’s Thriving Public Space

The Corniche stands out as a successful Beirut public space, used by Lebanese and tourists from all walks of life. Architect and designer Yasmeen Arkadan explores why. A single strip of pavement links the dense urban fabric...

Cafe Najjar

Gone are the days of the Renaissance, when political dynasties like the Medici family, prominent bankers in Florence, provided artists with food, shelter, clothing, art supplies and anything else they needed, freeing them to...