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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Cooking is an art!

Man cooking

Cooking with a Culinary Master Chef Maroun Chedid

Photos by Maroun Chedid Media Department Celebrity chef Maroun Chedid shares his culinary skills with enthusiastic diners and students in his restaurant and academy. When we opened the door to his kitchen, chef Maroun Chedid was about...

Meet Jay Hajj: A Lebanese-American Award-Winner Chef from Boston

Photos by: Ken Goodman Lebanese-American Jay Hajj revived Mike’s City Diner, a place where you can taste the best falafel’s in Boston and his award-winning Pilgrim Sandwich, voted one of the Best Five Thanksgiving Meals...

Secrets of Accidental Chef Nancy Abirached Zarzur

Although she never stepped foot in a culinary school, Nancy Abirached Zarzur is gaining a reputation in greater Sydney as an excellent chef. In 2004, Zarzur and her husband, Raffic Faraj, bought a run-down Lebanese...