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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Interior & Gastronomy

The Lebanese touch turns design and cuisine to gold. Designs influenced by our beautiful HOMEland. Food grown from its essence.

Professional Organizers

  A few years ago, I was desperate to get organized. I read every article that promised to bring order to my life: “35 Timesaving Clutter Busters,” “100 Ways to Get Organized,” “How to Create a...

The World in a HOME

Beyond its obvious physical existence as a place to which a person belongs to, a HOME’s most important influence lies on a psychological level impacting the formation of one’s identity. Indeed, the architectural...


“It is a big challenge,” said Roula Rizk, founder and general manager of Tiny but Mighty, a catering company in Bayada that provides healthy, organic and balanced meals for schools, companies, homes and private...

Our Anglo-Lebanese Christmas

Where does one start? Well, the obvious answer is at the beginning! This takes us all the way to the end of September as the baking of the Christmas cakes commences. As incredulous...

Christmas Turkey: A L’Italienne

Isabella Baffa, an Italian mamma, was born in Lebanon where she has lived almost all her life. “I am never fully Italian or fully Lebanese. I am Italian by blood, but growing up in Lebanon, I...