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Interior & Gastronomy

The Lebanese touch turns design and cuisine to gold. Designs influenced by our beautiful HOMEland. Food grown from its essence.

Home Christmas decoration

Lebanese HOMES

HOME Magazine is about our bigger HOME, our country, our planet. But there is also this HOME that we take care of, this space where we raise our families and grow our love stories. In...

Bio Christmas: Slow Food Changing the World

Photos by: Beatrice Le Bon Chami Photography At the height of apple season, Walid Ataya heads to Mount Lebanon to buy apples directly from the orchards.  “I like to see where they are from,” he says....
Smiling woman

Noha Baz: Sharing Lebanese Culture Through Cuisine

When meeting Noha Baz, M.D., a passionate Lebanese-French pediatrician and gourmet, one can't help but immediately notice how much she embodies her love of Lebanon. She is energetic, enthusiastic, audacious, fearless, joyful and so...
Man cooking

Cooking with a Culinary Master Chef Maroun Chedid

Photos by Maroun Chedid Media Department Celebrity chef Maroun Chedid shares his culinary skills with enthusiastic diners and students in his restaurant and academy. When we opened the door to his kitchen, chef Maroun Chedid was about...
Glass of whiskey in hand

Every Whisky Has a Story to Tell

Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson has a deep passion for whisky. He has a story about each creation, taking whisky lovers back in time with every sip. What makes you so interested in whisky? My father introduced me to...