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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Interior & Gastronomy

The Lebanese touch turns design and cuisine to gold. Designs influenced by our beautiful HOMEland. Food grown from its essence.

Meghli: An Almighty Treat

Lebanon’s traditions and customs reflect the richness and generosity of a sophisticated HOMEland often linked to community festivities, values of hospitality, intercultural heritage and a culinary ritual celebrated on every occasion. Photo by: Serge Oryan Festive...


It was a Saturday morning when I visited my grandparents in Niha, a village located 44 miles away from Beirut in the Chouf district. Everything was peaceful and serene until I saw the family....

Levantine Culinary Delights by Lara Ariss

  Author, food entrepreneur and chef Lara Ariss was destined to follow the culinary path. Photos by: Natalie Naccache From a young age chef Lara Ariss began helping her parents grow vegetables at the family’s farm in...

Lebanon: A Culinary Journey

  Relocated to Lebanon in 2011 after a lifetime in the US (California and Texas). I have on occasion encountered puzzled reactions from locals followed by the query “why are you here?” stated with a...

Salvaging Architectural Heritage and Buiding a Dream HOME

  Henry Lucien began by coveting his ‘dream HOME’ but in the process he salvaged so much architectural heritage that he decided to open his house as a museum. Article by: Niamh Farrell Henry Lucien leads the...