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Interior & Gastronomy

The Lebanese touch turns design and cuisine to gold. Designs influenced by our beautiful HOMEland. Food grown from its essence.


The Story of Kharrūb (Carob)

Long before carob became a popular health food in many countries of the world, the Lebanese have enjoyed dipping bread into "dibis bi tahini," a mixture of "dibis kharrub" (carob molasses) and "tahini" (sesame seed paste), as a snack...

Entrepreneur Yasmina Wakim Brings Saffron Back to Lebanon

Serial entrepreneur Yasmina Wakim, with a heart for socially responsible projects, brings saffron production back to Lebanon. Asked where she’s from, Yasmina Wakim replied, “Born in Lebanon and raised on the moon!” And after a...
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Nada Debs: Shaping Modern Arab Identity

Lebanese designer Nada Debs’ exploration of her Arab identity shapes her modern Arabesque design. Lebanese designer Nada Debs has become synonymous with modern Arabesque design, as seen in her prolific range of impeccably made furniture items and...

Lebanon’s Premier at La Biennale Di Venezia Architettura : Into the International Discussion on...

Photo Courtesy of Venice Documentation Project The 2018 Biennale, one of the leading architectural exhibitions in the world, has more importance to architect Hala Younes than the prestige factor. As curator of the Lebanese Pavilion,...

Nature’s Lebanon: A Look at Veganism

Lebanese cuisine is deeply rooted – pun intended – in veganism. Mloukhieh with garlic boils and bubbles in a large ‘tanjara’ of vegetable broth, while fluffy white Basmati rice steams elegantly alongside it. Green beans,...