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Kids, Family & Health

Go back to the essentials – the love of family, the health of our bodies and the recreation of sports, coming together to play.

Multicolored brain drawing

Psychosomatic Medicine: What it Is, What it Isn’t and Why You Need to Know...

What is psychosomatic medicine? Have you ever wondered why you get an upset “knotted” stomach when you’re anxious? Or why no doctor, no scan and no lab tests have ever been able to explain the...
Girl with dark long hair and square-patterned blanket staring out of glass window

Is it Winter Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder? When Feeling Sad Turns to S.A.D.

Shorter days, early sunsets, gloomy skies and heavy rain. You guessed it right: that’s winter season. We’ve all known someone who feels a little bit droopy and sullen when that time of year comes...
Girl sleeping with pink covers

Prioritizing Sleep

Knowing what sleep does for us, I’m determined to get more of it! When I moved to Lebanon, I expected an escape from my hectic American lifestyle. I was used to burning the candle at...
Two smiling women with newborn child

Having a Baby? Don’t Forget your Doula!

Professional birth companions improve outcomes for mothers and babies. If I could do it all over again, I’d have a doula by my side during childbirth and those first few days at HOME with a newborn. I learned about...
Number 21 with basketball player

Joseph Chartouny: Lebanese-Canadian Basketball Standout in Three Countries

Joseph Chartouny was on his way to a basketball game when he learned his grandfather, Antoine El-Khoury, was dying. “I heard he was going to the hospital and that it was really bad. So I...