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Kids, Family & Health

Go back to the essentials – the love of family, the health of our bodies and the recreation of sports, coming together to play.

The New Mountain Explorers – Virtual Games and Activities

How can you nurture a child’s appreciation of nature? How can they learn that when a mountain is destroyed, it’s irreversible? One answer is to teach them. For parents and teachers who want Lebanese children...

Cindy Moussi Takes Readers on her Personal Journey to Mental Health

At the age of 43, Lebanese-Australian Cindy Moussi thought she had it all. Her son was grown up and independent, so it was time for a gap year – a year to step off...


Hanna Makhlouf’s blue eyes sparkled when he recounted how Santa Claus snuck in the window last Christmas. The slim, blond 8-and-a-half-year-old leapt off the couch and pointed light to the large fireplace in his family...


With the rapid advancement of technology and the ease with which television and the Internet can be accessed, many parents may worry about their children’s attachment or addiction to a world detached from reality....

Positive Parenting

A child’s healthy upbringing requires great responsibility from parents. Anita Papas shares some lessons she learned by being both a mother and a clinical psychologist. I recall my thoughts as my husband and I were...