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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kids, Family & Health

Go back to the essentials – the love of family, the health of our bodies and the recreation of sports, coming together to play.

Sexual Behavior in Preschoolers

A child goes through many different physical changes while growing up and shows several sexual behaviors; here are some tips on how to respond to such behaviors. My 5-year old boy came back from school...

David Nakhid Academy Teaches More Than Football

David Nakhid Academy teaches much more than football - players learn to be responsible to each other. They learn what it means to be a team.When we moved to Lebanon six years ago, finding a...

Preparing Your Older Child For a New Sibling

Few things are worse for parents than seeing two siblings at each other’s throats. Here are some tips on how to keep a harmonious relationship at HOME. It’s important to remember that love...

Raising Kids In Lebanon

Jenny Ponnig gives her account of the challenging, frustrating and beautiful educational experience that you get from raising your kids in Lebanon.The land of cedars is a country with an ancient past and...

The Haddads: A Family of Champions

A different lifestyle and a passion for riding and sliding define this Lebanese family. They are the living proof that anything can still happen in Lebanon, that dreams are still possible, that victory...