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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Kids, Family & Health

Go back to the essentials – the love of family, the health of our bodies and the recreation of sports, coming together to play.

Lebanese Mountain Trail Association (LMTA)

This summer you can discover, or rediscover, the mountains of Lebanon, make a difference in the lives of ordinary Lebanese people and help protect the country’s natural beauty and historical landmarks by merely taking...

How to Handle Tantrums During Holidays

A holiday is usually a fun time for a family gathering. Celebrations in many forms are special events we look forward to, yet they affect the routine and the harmonious structure of our daily...

De-Stress The Holiday Family Reunion: Three Magical Steps

  Christmas season is a time of reunion. Sons and daughters come home to celebrate, some with their own children in town. Images of a storybook Christmas mix with a hectic holiday schedule and complex emotions...

Traditional Dolls

Little girls have been playing with dolls for centuries; sharing their love for fashion, hosting tea parties and whispering their deepest, darkest secrets into their ears. Dolls have always been...

My First Christmas as a Mother

Article by: Cynthia Hamouche In my family, we used to start preparing for Christmas in November, including a huge Christmas tree, decorations, gift shopping, and a delicious Christmas Eve menu. That year we didn’t even think about...