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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Rallye des Grâces: The Race for Economic Empowerment

Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan In an unconventional crossover, a car race doubles as an empowerment network for women to kickstart their own businesses. Chahrazad Rizk, a powerhouse of Swiss and Berber origins, is the...
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Le Marchand de Rêves

Photos by Omar Sfeir Omar Sfeir creates unforgettable experiences for people looking to escape the dullness of everyday life through costumes, photography, and fantasy. Le Marchand de Rêves is a platform that combines vintage fashion and...
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À Table in Beirut with 3-Star Michelin Chef Christophe Bacquié

Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan “Winning was like being shot out to a whole other galaxy,” says Christophe Bacquié. Since receiving his third Michelin star, Bacquié joined the elite force of the culinary world....
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Al Makan: A Spiritual Third Space in Beirut

By Bilal Ghalib and Joséphine Lesaffre Two lenses on a light shining in Beirut, Bilal and Joséphine share perspectives on Al Makan, a spiritual third space. Bilal I left San Francisco for Beirut and found a common...
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Gabriel Yared: Oscar-Winning Composer’s Path to Greatness

Photo by Marian Adreani Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Patricia Bitar Cherfan Gabriel Yared’s ecstatically rich scores have provided the backdrop for some of our time’s most celebrated films. HOME interviewed him during a visit to Lebanon and...