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Friday, February 28, 2020
government building with Lebanese flags sign of distrust

Is the government the enemy of the people?

In describing the need for an American Bill of Rights, George Mason Professor Walter Williams once wrote, “The Bill of Rights should serve as a constant reminder of the deep distrust that our...
Book blue cover with title The Book of Mirdad

A Book Not to Read: The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimeh

"Millions of people have tried to write books so that they can express the inexpressible, but they have utterly failed. I know only one book, The Book of Mirdad, which has not failed; and...
Faces of two cats and two dogs

BETA: Beirut For the Ethical Treatment of Animals

BETA was founded by a group of young women who met while feeding stray cats. Their combined desire to make a difference became a reality in 2006, when the organization became official. Today, BETA...
Text Third Culture Kids "Where Are You From?" inside a square with arrow edges

Third Culture Kids: “Where Are You From?”

To understand what the term third culture means in the shortest way possible, just look at the popular Lebanese restaurant, Zaatar w Zeit. Arabic speakers wouldn’t be able to read the name, English speakers...
2 faces of a man and woman looking upwards with the lebanese flag

(لائحة الحقوق الاساسية للمواطن في لبنان (اصدار 6د

نحن شعب لبنان، بعد أن عانينا المشقة والإذلال وسوء المعاملة من نظام مقسم غير عادل و غیر فعال، اتحدنا في التغلب على ماضينا الحزين، و القضاء على أوجه القصور و التجاوزات، وتعزيز دولتنا، و...