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Friday, April 26, 2019

The Voice of the Diaspora

Take Lebanon with you in your heart, wherever you go. And remember to come HOME often!

The Lebanese Side of Greece

As a Lebanese moving to Greece, many years ago, I cannot forget one friend feeling sorry for me, “Ya haram!” as if I was going to a land at the end of civilization....

3rd Generation

  My Lebanese roots are what have carried me throughout my life. I still have in my mind fresh memories of my grandfather that was born in Lebanon and migrated to Nicaragua. He taught us to...

Despite The Ups and Downs

My story may sound like that of a lot of Lebanese because like a good portion of them, I was born in Beirut, but left at the tender age of 40 days. It was of...

We Will Come Back

Having lived and worked in five continents (Asia, USA, Europe, Africa, and lately Australia), we never cease of thinking about our birth place and country of origin, Lebanon, known previously as the Switzerland of...