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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Voice of the Diaspora

Take Lebanon with you in your heart, wherever you go. And remember to come HOME often!

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THE HONORABLE Ray LaHood, U.S. Congressman and Secretary of Transportation

Photo by DLA Piper Article by: Wil Disabatino and Sandra Whitehead As a champion of bipartisanship, the long-time Congressman and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood worked with Democrats and Republicans alike “to serve the people who sent us...
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East Meets West in Leila Milki’s Eclectic Music

Photo by: Jordan Kubat Photography Lebanese-American singer-songwriter wins prestigious music competition, strengthening her roots in a faraway HOME. When singer, songwriter and pianist Leila Milki was growing up in California, she traveled with her parents to Lebanon...

My Father and My Cedar

Chaville, France I could not relate the story of my Cedrus Libani without bringing up the story of my father. They are bound together, their journeys aligned. Both were born in the Lebanon and both...
Woman with Christmas tree in background

But What Is HOME? HOME Is Where the Heart Is

What if your heart is in two places? Home and Christmas are so synonymous and yet, for some, these two words don’t seem to fit in the same sentence. As I write this in...
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From Mexico and Texas Back to Lebanon: The Paduas, Originally Badawis, Share a Once-In-A-Lifetime...

When 31 members of a diaspora family return to Lebanon, the experience is magical. Lebanon prides itself on having many times more people of Lebanese heritage settled abroad than there are in the country itself. But...