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Friday, April 26, 2019

The Voice of the Diaspora

Take Lebanon with you in your heart, wherever you go. And remember to come HOME often!


Nayib Neme: Steering a Colombian Company to a Worldwide Success

Nayib Neme Arango, president of Chaid Neme Hermanos, S.A., heads one of the most powerful industrial groups in Colombia. His story started in Lebanon. Nayib Neme Arango’s tale begins in the 1930s, when his father, Hares Neme, and...

Marlo Thomas: The Lebanese-American Megastar Behind St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Photos from the private collection of Marlo Thomas Lebanese-American, father-daughter TV stars Danny and Marlo Thomas are among the most famous Americans of all time. Yet, they are perhaps most remembered for their leading roles...

Between Two Homes: A Young Lebanese Woman in a Changing Saudi Arabia

Photo by: Hussam El-Galad At 21, I am back at my parent’s apartment, in the same room I grew up in. My bedroom walls contain evidence of my past, with graffiti from my school days...


When I was 7, we lost our HOME. I never felt safe again. Today, I discovered that I will probably never see again my house in Yemen. We had only recently moved in, and transformed the...


Meeting the challenges of raising children with two cultures. When Aziz and I married, we planned to give our Arab-American children both cultures. We want them feel like natives in both worlds; to be able to speak...