Christmas Turkey: A L’Italienne

Christmas Turkey: A L’Italienne

Isabella Baffa, an Italian mamma, was born in Lebanon where she has lived almost all her life.

“I am never fully Italian or fully Lebanese.

I am Italian by blood, but growing up in Lebanon, I can’t help but feel Lebanese. It is a country that fills you with smells, flavors, beauty…I am both.”

Isa, as her friends call her, worked for 18 years in the advertising, media and communication industry, until one day she decided to change her career path and to follow her heart by entering the culinary world.

“I realized with time that I like Italian dishes that have a Lebanese touch. I like tomato in dishes, for example, which is a major ingredient of both the Italian and the Lebanese cuisines.”

Baffa grew up in a house where cooking, eating and sharing food with laughter and joy were her daily bread.

Inspired by this motto, she created Sapori di Tery, which means “Savors of Tery”.

Tery is her mother’s name, to whom she owes her inspiration and passion for cooking.

Today, Sapori di Tery is offering ten different pasta sauces but Isabella is planning to expand to other recipes that will revive the old Italian tradition.

“Tacchino di Natale” or Christmas Turkey the Italian Way:

Turkey is a typical American dish that has inspired Italian chefs to introduce Italian ingredients and give it a typically Italian flavor with “terroir” Italian ingredients.

• 3kgs Turkey
• 30g Butter
• 2 packs of Pancetta (Bacon)
• Turkey giblets
• Salt

• Turkey giblets
• 250g chestnuts
• 1 branch of celery
• 1 branch of Sage
• 40g Pancetta
• 100g Dried Prunes
• 2 Apples
• 100g Sausage
• 1 cup of Marsala wine
• Butter
• Bread Crumb
• Salt & Pepper

Chop giblets, bacon, sausage, celery together and add to it the bread crumb dipped in water.
Chop apples in slices after peeling them.
Dip the dried prunes and chestnuts in warm water.
Mix all of the above and fill the turkey.

Sew the opening and cover with bacon stripes.
Cook in oven 220degres with a little butter for 1 hour, then reduce heat to 180degres for 45minutes.
Put some of its juice from time to time.
Last 15minutes remove the bacon and let it roast.

Serve hot with potatoes cooked in the oven.