Could a Citizen Bill of Rights help Lebanon overcome its turmoil?

Could a Citizen Bill of Rights help Lebanon overcome its turmoil?

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The Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights provides the citizens with ALL the rights that they have been demanding. As such, it is arguably among the few instruments available to the Lebanese state, which could allay the rising anger and fear of the citizens as their financial situation deteriorates.

Therefore, unlike what some may argue as being the improper time to consider, let alone pass, a Bill of Rights, the financial calamity Lebanon is currently going through makes it even more necessary to pass one. After all, with the Lebanese treasury almost bankrupt, what else can the state give in return? The Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights is the solution that the state could offer Lebanese citizens in exchange for all the necessary sacrifices that they will inevitably be asked to take part in.

Here looking at the case of Canada in the early 1980s could shed some light. Not unlike Lebanon, Canada at the time was in the midst of a major recession, high inflation, high interest rates and high  unemployment. It needed to go through a painful economic restructuring shifting from selling primary material to manufactured goods and technology. This wouldn’t be easy, especially since the government’s deficits had tripled within a single decade, and only new tax burdens could reverse the tide. The Labor government, led by Pierre Trudeau at the time, knew it had little choice but to ask citizens for these sacrifices. Smartly, it also opted to push for a Charter of Rights (Bill of Rights) to provide something in return for everything the Canadian citizens were being asked to sacrifice.

Given the similarities, I see absolutely no reason why in Lebanon a similar approach would not work.

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