Child crying with BML logo

Beirut, January 15, 2019: As part of its ongoing commitment to help the highest number of families in need in Lebanon, #DafaCampaign in coordination with Banque Misr Liban Sal (BML) have extended the aid collection campaign under the slogan “من خيرك ساعد غيرك” due to the harsh and severe winter conditions sweeping across the country. In an aim to reach more people as much as possible and collect the largest quantity of clothing, the country-wide campaign calls upon the Lebanese to donate warm clothes and blankets and place them in Dafa boxes distributed across all 20 BML branches in Lebanon. The #DafaCampaign initiative is a part of BML’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), under the platform Be the Change that helps underprivileged families in Lebanon that live below the poverty line.

To provide in-kind assistance, donations, or require more information, please contact: 04 727 400.