Fashion at Your Fingertips

Fashion at Your Fingertips

Confused about what to wear tomorrow? Meet the new app that will have all your wardrobe choices covered

Launched in September 2015 by young Lebanese entrepreneurs Loubna Ibrahim and Nour El Assaad, TopShou is a mobile application that allows you to build a virtual replica of your real-life closet in order to make the task of picking your daily outfit easier.

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Choosing clothes: A daily struggle

“The idea of TopShou began two years ago when I decided to put an end to my daily struggle: choosing clothes!” TopShou founder Loubna Ibrahim told HOME for Magazine.

Loubna is surely not the only girl in the world who finds this process challenging. “Studies show that women spend a year of their lives trying to choose what to wear. And a mobile app seemed the perfect solution for this, since apps have become essential in our daily activities and are the perfect platform for fast solution,” she explained.

From dream to reality

Before the project took off in its current form, the idea was initially pitched at the ArabNet Ideathon competition where it won third place. “The app started with an idea to solve a challenge and step by step, it became the TopShou you see today,” co-founder Nour El Assaad told HOME for Magazine.

However, making the transition from conception to execution did not come easy for young entrepreneurs. “The most challenging part was the process of moving from an idea stage to our first testing product and then connecting with users but most of the stress and fear disappeared once we allowed the market to drive us,” El Assaad noted.

“Our technical partner IdeatoLife played a major role in turning the dream into reality and bringing the project to life, and the app will continue to evolve based on users’ input and validations until we capture the desired value,” she added.

The cultural aspect of fashion

The practical function of the app does not take away from its cultural component, aiming to promote the Lebanese fashion scene and showcase local style experts. “TopShou aims to promote new Lebanese talents and bring national and international exposure to local fashion experts and fashion experts to be,” El Assad noted.

But the creative journey doesn’t stop here as the founders are already working on an expansion plan. “Our future plans are to enhance the expert-user collaboration within the app and of course start expanding to the whole MENA region,” Ibrahim explained.