Get-Up and Go! Fulfilled People full of Energy

Get-Up and Go! Fulfilled People full of Energy

Living well in today’s world practically means having super powers.

Supermoms, inspiring dads and great achievers: these people have gone an extra-mile to make great things come true.

We interviewed Gisele Khoury, a famous journalist in the Arab World, who is currently hosting her own political show on the BBC ARABIC TV station; Alain Aoun, a Member of the Lebanese Parliament; and Nada Abi Saleh, the Managing Director of Leo Burnett Beirut, one of the top advertising agencies in the region.

So are these successful individuals really different from all of us when it comes to morning routines and the secrets of having full energy all day long?

What is the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?

Gisele Khoury: I simply drink water and prepare the coffee.

Nada Abi Saleh: When I open my eyes in the morning, the first thing I do is close them back!

Alain Aoun: Until two years ago, I used to go straight to the treadmill and run for one hour while reading the newspapers on my iPad.
Since my first kid was born, I lost this regular habit. Now I have two, a girl and a boy. I try to spend some quality time with them in the morning before starting my day. I try to catch up exercising but it is not as frequent and regular as before unfortunately.

Describe in few words your 24-hour day.

Gisele: While I am having my coffee in the morning, I read the news. Now I no longer have to go buy the paper, I can read it online and check twitter. Then I get on my treadmill for 30min in front of the TV station. Yes, to watch more news.
My morning boost of energy is taking a hot shower with “Baladi” soap. Than,I head to the BBC offices for work.
Then after work, I visit the Samir Kassir foundation to get updates on our activities.
The best part of my day is when I come back home and spend quality time with my mother and my kids if they are around. Some nights I try to feed my brain by watching plays or movies, or simply have a good laugh with my friends over drinks.

Nada: 24 hours? It actually feels like 48 hours.

Alain: My typical day always starts with a must: kids… Then I read the newspapers (my daily bread!) then parliament for political and legislative meetings (parliamentary committees, appointments, etc.). Lunch break in Beirut before moving back again to my district, Baabda, for constituency activities (local meetings, social duties, etc.).
The end of the day is again for my kids. My favorite part is reading a story to my boy or singing a lullaby to my girl to make them sleep. Final part is (finally!) for Sarah, my wife, but most of the time she has to share it with friends as our nights are pretty loaded (thankfully) with social commitments. We are grateful and blessed for having such an overwhelming life.

If you have one secret to keep your energy up and running all day, what would it be?

Gisele: Sports. For me physical health highly affects your mental ability and helps you keep up with the hectic life we are living.


Alain: My wife Sarah always asks me how come I keep rolling non-stop day and night and I always answer her: “It is all in the mind!”. I am definitely not an exception and my body cannot easily sustain my life rhythm, but the secret and the key is in the mind! If you like what you do, you keep setting challenges and motivation, you love to be surrounded by people and friends, this can change your whole spirit and mood, and hence your body follows.