With a vibrant Instagram feed, beaming with fashion and lifestyle inspiration, and a fan base of over 167,000 followers, Ghina Ghandour has established herself as one of Lebanon’s most sought-after online influencers. In an interview with HOME, she discussed her passion and its remarkable evolution into a full-fledged career.

Article by: Christina Fakhry

Photos by: Zogbian Studio

Although hailing from a family that is not particularly into fashion, Ghina Ghandour’s fashion instinct and effortless style have always appealed to the people around her.

“My style is a bit minimalist, and people would often compliment it for being elegant. When I joined Instagram, I noticed that I got a positive feedback whenever I posted a picture of my outfit. That’s when I started focusing more on details,” she said in an interview with HOME.

“Ghandour uses her online influence in a way that benefits the community by supporting charity and awareness campaigns.”

Mother of two, Noor and Yasmine, Ghandour initially studied tourism and worked for a while in the field of insurance before she took some time off to focus on her family. Her now-coveted Instagram account started off by pure coincidence and was private at first, but then she decided to make it public and began posting about pretty much everything without having a clear direction in mind.

“I was lucky to be among the first people who started off on the platform. At first, the idea of posting outfit pictures was not that widespread or common as it is today,” she said. “I noticed that all the posts related to fashion were being reposted and getting more engagement from users. I started focusing on it because it was the most follower-attracting type of content and ultimately transformed my account into a lifestyle hub.”

This early start helped Ghandour gain more followers on the platform, although she had no particular strategy and put no professional effort into it. “It was pure fun then. Now it has become a job and a major part of my life, as I started to be known more and became a public figure. My journey has been very positive overall and I’m happy about it, but of course there is always this stress to constantly upload something new because you can’t stop,” Ghandour said.

Being under the spotlight on social media is not necessarily easy, she added. “I faced a lot of criticism and still do, but when this became my job, people started to accept it more. They don’t judge me as often anymore,” she said. “This is my work. This is what I do. I earn money from it.”

Standing out from the crowd

Ghandour has her life’s motto tattooed on her waist – “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” She explained: “What keeps me strong is the positivity I have as a person. I believe that whatever happens in life is for our own benefit and our own good.”

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She also finds inspiration in everything that is beautiful, from timeless fashion items like the little black dress and vintage miniskirts to stylish women like Marilyn Monroe, Victoria Beckham and Sheikha Mozah. “Each of them inspires me in a different way. That’s why you see a lot of diversification and contrast in my style. Sometimes I might even wear something I don’t particularly like in order to change styles,” she said.

In the midst of a social media landscape that is oversaturated with celebrities, Ghandour uses her online influence in a way that benefits the community by supporting charity and awareness campaigns. She doesn’t spend her time at just any event, she said. “I try to go to the places where my impact is valuable.”


For more info: https://www.instagram.com/ghinaghandourofficial/

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