I Am The Sun

Awaken your eyes full of slumber, admire how I rise,
With golden rays I sprinkle
a landscape so black with night,
Creatures of the dark flee at my first glimmer of light,
It shines and glows on nature so wise.

Valleys of vibrant colors await my warmth in sleep,
At dawn, petals and leaves upturn their faces,
To a shimmering radiance so deep,
Illuminating the skies and shielding traces,
Of stars that lost their thrones at dawn’s break,
To return to their beds and rest till their hour of wake.

From the East, slowly I appear,
Revealing in my ascent all that you hold dear,
Asleep in your arms, in your thoughts cradled,
Erasing the night, its ravages disabled.

I am the Sun, rise and see me in all my glory,
The eye of the universe beholds me,
For billions of years, your Mother, I protected,
In my embrace, she warmed,
In her womb, she nurtured you,
And with every new morning,
Earth and Sun still watch over you.