Lebanese Children’s Fund (LCF) Foundation in Montreal

Lebanese Children’s Fund (LCF) Foundation in Montreal

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Members and friends of LCF

Once upon a time, when the land of milk and honey found itself choking on the black smoke of war, children’s cries could be heard throughout the Mediterranean. This tugged at human hearts all over the region. An NGO called Lebanese Children’s Fund was created in Cyprus by several dedicated individuals who organized majestic Arts and Crafts Bazars to raise funds for various charities on the ground in Lebanon.  The money was sent to IRAP, who takes care of deaf and dumb children, to L’Afel who takes care of children from broken homes, to Sesobel and Saint Vincent de Paul.

LCF developed in several other Countries including Dubai, Lebanon and finally Canada. The NGO in Montreal became known as Foundation Liban Canada Fond.

“Give with Joy and you will be rewarded with Joy” – Khalil Gibran

Foundation LCF is a recognized NGO in Montreal that has existed for 19 years and that diffuses Lebanese films in Montreal and helps those in need one movie ticket at a time. They gather over delicious brunches so as to raise money to change lives. They are also known for their various cultural activities. People come because they like to bond with other members of the community and because they know that lending a hand is the right thing to do. More details about future events can be found on: la page de la Foundation LCF: facebook.com/lcfenfants

LCF is run by volunteers from 7 to 777 years. The current president, Mme Nicole Abdul-Massih, as well as  the comittee, Viviane Chebli, Mary Kantemiroff, Souha Azar, Carla Haikal, Najwa Sallman, Micheline Helal, Guita Chaib, Lena Dahdah, Therese Machaalani, Maya Meouchi, Rita Nassif, Grace Nehme!  give avidly and generously of themselves for the cause.

Woman and 2 men among crowdM.Denis Coderre, former Mayor of Montreal, Nicole Abdul-Massih, President of LCF Foundationp, M.Aref Salem City Councilor, Ville St Laurent

The last film diffused was the magnificent “Capharnaüm” . It showed at Cinema Guzzo in Cote Vertu to the benefit of disabled and underprivileged children in Lebanon. So many members were interested in the movie that two large auditoriums were filled to their maximum capacity. Mr. Antoine Eid, general counsel of Lebanon in Montreal, Mr. Aref Salem, political advisor of the district of Ville Saint-Laurent in the town of Montreal, Mr. Joseph Daoura,  municipal counselor of Mont-Royal as well as Mr. Denis Coderre,mayor of Montreal were among the many in the audience that night.

Mr. Coderre had payed tribute to LCF in May 2017.” For its implications in social and cultural activities in the city of Montreal and its solidarity towards children with special needs as well as its promotion of Lebanese Cinematography in Quebec.”

Those who had not yet discovered Nadine Labaki’s talent were moved to tears by the end of the touching splendor whose very subject was that of underprivileged youth. The film sent shock waves inside us all, managing to kindle a fire of empathy in our hearts. This fire, is a beacon of hope for these deprived children.

The next events for LCF are:

Sunday 17th March 2019 Khabsa – خبصة Guzzo Cinemas Sphertech Montreal, QC, Canada

Sunday 5th May- Friendly Annual Brunch at the St Sauveur Manor.

By: Caroline Malhame