PiDRAYA The Publisher: Let There Be Light

PiDRAYA The Publisher: Let There Be Light

PiDRAYA The Publisher: Let there be light

HOME Magazine is published by PiDRAYA. PiDRAYA is the Phoenician goddess of light. The name was carefully chosen for a variety of different reasons.

Firstly, she is Canaanite – Phoenician; secondly, PiDRAYA “fille de lumière” puts light on your work, your initiatives; third, she is a goddess with the power to facilitate a change, to disperse darkness; and lastly she is a “she,” believing in the role women have to play in life.

The name was well researched and re-discovered; Apart from light PDRY, the third daughter of Ba’al brought rain and fertility. It was written as PDRY because the Phoenician alphabet used only consonant with no vowels. You would find many variations of the name later on like PiDROYO, PADRAYA or Pidray.

Casting light is the role of HOME Magazine and its publisher PiDRAYA— highlighting positive initiatives, things that matter, people who are making a change, making a difference and contributing to life.

HOME is not elitist. HOME is where every dream is possible.

Young people, deprived people, the distressed, the less fortunate, the needy and the well-to-do, the powerless and the tough; we all dream.

HOME covers brilliant success stories of people who started from the bottom, who followed their natural curiosity, who found their passion or maybe, as I like to believe, their passion found them. HOME is about lifting each other up as a nation. No matter where you are in the process, HOME is here for you. Maybe you started your dream, or you are already pursuing it. Maybe your dream is becoming a reality or maybe you have already landed where you were heading. Wherever you are, HOME is here to inspire you. If you have stopped dreaming for now, join us in supporting others until your own spark returns. Wherever you are in your own journey, you can grow with the spirit of giving back, of supporting entrepreneurs, new talents, young talents, new ideas. It is good to applaud each other and to admire each other but what about giving a hand? Especially if it is within your reach.

There is plenty of room for everyone in life. I praise competition. I believe in a magical multiplier effect that makes life much more interesting, much more abundant. Bettering each other’s future is the best therapy.

We are never ready to grow; we are forced to grow. Just keep moving. Fuel your dreams with the fear of failure; if your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough. Live in the ecstasy of new encounters and the delight of overcoming challenges. Be interested in everything. Go to new places and let them mold you, and bring your experiences back HOME. Be ready to pay the price; success tastes sweeter when it is well deserved.

Surround yourself with positivity and a support system; work hard, very hard et voilà.

HOME the platform—putting thinkers, dreamers and doers together to make a difference.

HOME is also a platform to highlight achievements of the government, municipalities and the public sector. Sometimes they do good things and other times they could excel. They make history possible and, change institutional. HOME needs the knowledge of scholars, thinkers and academics which are crucial in any inquiry, they are the backbone of every theory of evolution. HOME needs artists, the ones who break barriers smoothly, unpretentiously and without excuses. Don’t undermine artists; they never die. HOME needs doers, those in the corporate world, to finance the change, execute it and to be socially responsible.

Can you imagine the positive power if we were all put on the same platform? If these different worlds crossed, if they learnt to talk to each other, accepted, understood each other and knew about each other’s work? And why not to collaborate.

We don’t need to be similar. It would be such a poor experience, such a flat passage. We don’t need to be typical, not even neuro typical. We need everybody, with the full range of abilities, including those with special needs. Never underestimate how much each and every one of us has to give, if he or she worked to be the best version of himself or herself.

We need everyone to make this world complete. HOME invites you to become larger than life.

Patricia Bitar Cherfan
Social Entrepreneur| Founder